Now in its 10th year, the Chloe & Maud Foundation offers the opportunity to expand the language of dance through master classes with the world’s premier Tap Dance Artists: Stars of Vaudeville, Broadway, and Emmy and Grammy awardees spanning Four Generations, panel discussions, jam sessions, student showcases, cutting contests, and an ALL-STAR Concert Performance featuring both world renowned Tap Masters and accomplished young dancers from around the world. 


  Natives of Washington, DC, we were fortunate to grow up in DC during a time where ARTS funding provided the opportunity for us to train with Tap Dance Legends such as Harold Nicholas of the Nicholas Brothers, Pegleg Bates, Buster Brown, Gregory Hines, Savion Glover, and with dancer and arts patron extraordinaire Debbie Allen.  It was their inspiration, passion, and example that set us on our journeys, both as achieving young women - graduates of Columbia University’s Film School - and as artists, performing, choreographing, and teaching worldwide.


  However, with cutbacks in ARTS funding, the dance studio that we grew up in folded and the annual Tap Dance events that united dancers from all over the DC Metropolitan area dissolved.  Our mission is to revive the Art of Tap Dance with vigor and fervoer, bridging the gap between the hip-hop and jazz generations through the classic, timeless Art of Tap Dance.  It is our responsibility and our heartfelt wish to pass it on.


  These events reinvigorate the community, and provide scholarships for dancers from around the country ranging in age from 6 – 22. In our 10 years we have provided hundreds of dancers from around the world full scholarships to our programming. Their work has been covered by Fox Morning News, the Washington Post, The Informer, NBC Channel 4, WKYS, WPGC, and WPFW. We are expanding the audience and appreciation for Tap Dance. This year we hope to attract even more students globally, and with your help, we hope to provide scholarships for those in need.   


   Continue to provide 100’s of scholarships yearly for talented, intelligent, economically challenged youth to pursue their Tap Dreams, both artistically and intellectually.  Expand our audiences so that we can provide public school children with a theater experience, and educate them on our nation’s very own art form:  Tap Dance. 


   As a civilization’s arts flourish, so does its soul. We must recognize and harvest the gifts from the past as we propel our students into the future, prepared for success. Yes, together, we can be the change we hope to see.