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"The Chloé and Maud Foundation has forever changed my life. I was so fortunate to receive a full scholarship to the DC Tap Fest which allowed me to attend my first ever Tap Festival in 2022. Being in a room surrounded by extreme diversity where everyone shares a love for dance is truly amazing - Chloé and Maud bring together the most wonderful, caring, and loving people I have ever met. Being in a tap class with people of all colors, ages, and backgrounds truly opens your eyes and it is something I am extremely grateful to experience.

Chloé and Maud have given me countless opportunities to work professionally and learn about being a professional tap dancer. They also played a major role in my college application process and encouraged me to apply to their Alma Mater, Columbia University, and my acceptance completely changed the trajectory of my life. The ongoing support and guidance that I receive from Chloé and Maud is such a gift, and they have helped me attain my wildest dreams and envision beyond. I am so thankful for their devotion to making tap dance accessible, educational, and fun for everyone."


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